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Things Guys Prefer to Lie About on Their Dating Profiles

James Brown
When on a dating site(главная) or app, it’s hard to gauge whether or not we’re suited to people in the early days. Unfortunately, this is made even harder by the lies

When on a dating site or app, it’s hard to gauge whether or not we’re suited to people in the early days. Unfortunately, this is made even harder by the lies that guys tell on their dating profile. Here are some of the common lies that guys make!


Things Guys Prefer to Lie About on Their Dating Profiles

Although this isn’t a complete rule, there’s a healthy portion of guys who just want casual relationship and a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. In fact, so much so that they’re near enough creating a profile where everything is designed to make them seem attractive in this arena. Rather than committing or saying something that could be misconstrued, they will say the following;

  • I’m open-minded
  • I want somebody who is open-minded
  • I don’t like labels

Age and Job

Despite two of the most basic details, these are also things that men seem to hide. If they say they’re ‘around 30’ or make a joke about their age without actually coming clean, steer clear. These days, ‘27ish’ can mean anything up to a decade higher. If they can’t be honest here, where will they be honest?

Elsewhere, low-skilled workers or the unemployed may also try to hide or lie about their employment status. Do they dress like a CEO of an exciting tech startup? Ask them questions and pay attention to the answers and you might just catch them out.

Education and Financial Status

Again, this is more of the same with a dating site. With their dating profile, they might try to impress you with an extravagant degree. If they have a degree from a top university but somehow can’t use ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ correctly, this suggests lies.

Along with education, we see this with financial status. Normally, the men who have money don’t need to tell the world. Often, rich guys want to keep it a secret because they don’t want somebody to be interested just for the potential material gain.

Habits and Attitude

With dating, there’s a natural inclination to try and impress our desired sex. However, we shouldn’t have to lie to get attention. If they ‘love having fun’ or ‘enjoy hanging with my pals’, this normally suggests an unhealthy relationship with drinking. The fact that they considered their personality and instantly thought of drinking sessions shows that it’s important to them.

In terms of attitude, we recently saw a guy with a dating profile of the following; ‘I want a traditional woman who can cook’. For us, this drew up a dozen red flags in one simple sentence. In reality, it means he can’t cook so needs somebody to look after him. Also, with the word ‘traditional’, this suggests he will almost expect a meal on the table every night.

Body Shape and Size

Finally, one of the most common lies men tell in their dating profile regards their height or body shape. Often, men feel more confident once they’ve added a couple of inches and shaved off a few pounds. If they suggest an ‘athletic’ lifestyle, you have to question whether they’re talking about now or a few years ago.


We understand that we’ve been a bit harsh here, and we know that there are lots of genuine men looking for love rather than just creating a profile. However, lying men are also ever-present so pay attention to our advice!

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