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Online dating experience

James Brown
Isn’t online dating wonderful? Rather than leaving the house and having the awkward dating experience that has tortured us for generations

Isn’t online dating wonderful? Rather than leaving the house and having the awkward dating experience that has tortured us for generations, we can meet and talk to hundreds of people whenever we want. If only, right? Some people tell lies, some people use (extremely!) old profile pictures, and others just ignore our messages. Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about our dating experience today and hopefully teach you some important lessons!

Online dating experience

When dating online, the best advice we can give is to trust your instincts. People lie every single day online whether it’s about their height, job, using an old picture, using somebody else’s picture, or telling you they need money. However, we don’t want to scare you away from online dating because, actually, many people have found love and marriage from it; a simple search online will show you plenty of success stories.

Ultimately, it’s a numbers game. You WILL meet people who waste your time, have no interest in your hobbies, and aren’t ready for a relationship, but you will also meet good people. To avoid getting frustrating and tired of the dating experience, we recommend avoiding the time-wasters. We’ve all met them; they cancel dates, wait three business days to reply, and constantly give excuses.

Next, realize that you’re going to have both good and bad dates. You’ll also meet people who are honest and those who lie. For the most part, we don’t care if somebody is actually two inches shorter. What we do care about is them lying about it. If they lie about something simple like their height, which is impossible to hide, what else will they hide from us?

With a computer or phone screen between themselves and reality, both men and women sometimes hide behind these comforts. When we finally meet in real life, they’re completely different or we realize they’ve just been telling us what we want to hear. With this in mind, get into the mindset of thinking that every date is a learning opportunity. You learn about good people, time-wasters, and even what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Of course, most people go into online dating with the genuine intention of finding love, so you don’t need a chip on your shoulder (otherwise, you'll never let your guard down!). As long as you’re willing to exercise patience and endure some dates with people who aren’t your type, it has the potential to be incredibly rewarding.

Other dating Experiences

We appreciate that technology rules the world these days, but don’t forget the other options you have for dating. For example, there’s still a very strong speed dating community. We meet several people in one evening, see if we click with anyone, and potentially walk away with a number. There’s no pretense, no lying, and five simple minutes with the potential love of our lives.

If you get nervous at speed dating events, you might prefer a so-called ‘mixer’. Rather than one-on-one encounters, it’s a group exercise where there’s conversation flowing and less pressure on the reserved characters. Either way, the benefit is that you’re meeting real people face-to-face and connecting in a world that seems to be connecting less and less in real life.

Don’t give up with apps and dating websites just because of one bad dating experience, and don’t forget to complement technology with traditional forms of meeting others. Soon enough, you’ll be cuddled up with the one you love on a cold winter’s night!

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