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Long-Distance Relationships and online chat

James Brown
Do long-distance relationships really work? In the past, we might have told you that it wasn’t possible to keep the romance alive when one partner is away for large portions

Do long-distance relationships really work? In the past, we might have told you that it wasn’t possible to keep the romance alive when one partner is away for large portions (or even lives far away). However, our opinion has been swayed in recent years by the brilliant technology we’ve seen.

Long-distance relationships

With sex and attraction as a vital part of relationships, it’s now possible to keep long distance romances going with online chat. Whether your partner is away for work for weeks on end or lives in another state (or country), cam chat is a great way to keep the sexual chemistry even when you aren’t physically in each other’s presence.

Work Hard and Get Flirty

If you want to keep a relationship alive when you’re far away from your partner, you need to work…and work hard. Thankfully, our tiny cell phones have the potential to save any relationship. If you aren’t working to keep your partner and sexuality connected, the spark will also disappear when you finally see them again physically. We urge you to be creative and playful.

Before anything else, you need to make sure your partner is comfortable with online sex. Therefore, we recommend starting with a few flirty messages. If they reciprocate, you might send risqué pictures or up the ante with the sex chat. Even for couples that have been together for many years, adult chat can be awkward if it’s something you’ve never done before. With this in mind, take your time and just have fun with each other.

With apps like WhatsApp or dating sites, we have plenty of opportunities to send messages, pictures, and even voice notes. You might talk about previous sexual encounters before they (or you) went away, and this can progress to intimate cam chat.

Cam Intimacy

As you see your partner and hear their voice, it’s easy enough to get excited and it keeps that link between your partner and your sexuality. The next time you get excited, they will be the first person that slips into the mind. Without cam sex, our urges are linked to other things or even other people.

For some people, they like to talk with their partners about their favorite porn scenes. Elsewhere, others write erotic handwritten messages to their partners and send it to them

Of course, something that keeps many couples going while in a long-distance relationship is the thought of the next encounter. When sending the flirty messages and starting with sexy online chat, this is a great way to keep your partner excited. Describe what you’re going to do to them when they return and give them an opportunity to do the same and you’ll both get what you want from the chat.


Long-distance relationships are hard, but they are now possible if you allow technology to assist. Whether it’s messaging, voice or video calls keep the magic alive and make that next encounter even more special!

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