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How to Get What You Want Out of Your Relationship

James Brown
Sadly, a huge number of relationships these days end in a breakup. Whether it reaches marriage and divorce or ends before we have the chance, we’re in a time where leaving a relationship

Sadly, a huge number of relationships these days end in a breakup. Whether it reaches marriage and divorce or ends before we have the chance, we’re in a time where leaving a relationship is perhaps easier than making one work. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some advice to avoid problems and get what you want from a relationship.

Give and Take

Best Relationship

First and foremost, whether you met on a online dating site or in person, one of the keys to a long and healthy relationship is to give and take. Just as you do with friends, family, and colleagues, you’re bound to disagree with a partner. Therefore, you need to learn to compromise and be flexible when encountering issues. Listen to each other, work together (it’s not a competition), and compromise.

Put Effort into the Right Areas

We bring you back to the idea that relationships aren’t competitions. Don’t waste your energy arguing about things that, ultimately, don’t matter. As soon as you start putting energy into solutions rather than problems, you’ll notice the difference.

Actively Listen

We can’t tell you how many relationships end because one partner stops listening. When talking on a dating site, listening is easy because we have to actively read what they’re saying before sending a reply. Just because you’re in a relationship, this doesn’t suddenly end. Especially when having an important discussion, actively listening allows you to see their perspective and appreciate them more.

Physical Contact is Key

From casual relationships to intense romances, you cannot understate the importance of physical contact. When words fail us, our actions take over. Hug them, hold hands; in fact, just have your knees touch when sitting together. In many failed relationships, one of the first things to go is the physical aspect. If you can keep the spark alive, you stand a better chance than many.

Be Open and Honest

When you think about it, sticking with one partner for life is a HUGE commitment. Over time, it’s natural to find things we don’t like or disagree with. Rather than talking behind their back about their shortcomings or negative attributes, talk directly to your partner. As long as you approach it in the right way, it’s a problem you can address.

Avoid Blame

You start with a casual relationship from a dating site and progress all the way to marriage. Love carries you so far, but these tips will keep it going while other people struggle. Our final tip is to not get involved in the blame game. Whenever we’re blamed of something, we become defensive and feel contempt for the person speaking.

Example: Rather than saying ‘you spoil Jessica too much’, you could bring up the subject with ‘I think it’s time for Jessica to get more independence’. Suddenly, you’re discussing the problem rather than shouting at one another.

With these simple tips, you can get what you want from your relationship and not just become another statistic!

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