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Funny Stories with Online Dating

James Brown
Ever watched a romantic comedy and laughed at how inaccurate it is? Guy sees girl across a crowded room, introduces himself, makes her laugh

Ever watched a romantic comedy and laughed at how inaccurate it is? Guy sees girl across a crowded room, introduces himself, makes her laugh, and they end up falling in love in a quick compilation with a romantic song playing underneath? What about the dating online stories where the guy trips over or where the girl accidentally spills a glass of wine everywhere?

Don’t worry, we have some amazing tales to tell you today. Whether starting on a dating site, these funny stories should make you laugh!

The Constant Battle

After being set up by a mutual friend, I immediately noticed that the guy was picking me up on nearly everything I was saying. The date soon descended into chaos and we spent, no exaggeration, 30 minutes arguing about brunch. Despite being a disaster, the date lasted for over three hours because we just kept finding things to disagree on (and I didn’t want to back down!)

Funny Stories with Online Dating

The funniest thing of all? We just shook hands and went our separate ways.

The Sacking

I was once on a date who admitted to taking an ex-girlfriend to his workplace (a restaurant). After not getting the expected discount on a bottle of champagne, he refused to pay up and lost his job.

The Batman

Just a few years ago, I had a great first date with a guy at a bar (we met on a dating site). It went so well that we had a second date…and he invited me to his place. As soon as I walked in, all I saw was Batman. Posters, figures, a costume in the closet, and so much more. I walked away and didn’t stop getting messages for weeks.

The Hearse

I’ve got some amazing stories from dating online, but one of the cutest was one that almost never happened. Basically, he picked me up in a hearse. At first, I was shocked and nearly didn’t open the front door. He went on to explain that his car broke down that day and he had to borrow a friend’s dad’s vehicle who owned a funeral home. Although not the best vehicle, he really didn’t want to cancel…I offered to drive my car and we had a great time.

The Previous Date

I’ve been on some strange dates, but the worst happened last year when I ran into somebody that I dated the PREVIOUS WEEK. My date took me to the cinema, and I spotted the guy from last week. My date could see I was worrying about something and I was forced to explain, especially since the guy was walking towards the only free seats directly next to us. Luckily, the guy said nothing (but he MUST have seen me!).

The Huge Tattoo

When it comes to dates, all I normally need is a hunky guy and some tattoos. After finding him, we went on a date and we got onto the topic of his tattoos. He recently had a new one done, so he showed me. It filled his entire back and depicted a woman ripping out a guy’s heart. The inspiration? His previous relationship.

The Vibration

When I first met my husband, we went for a pizza and were sitting on the same side of a bench. Although it was busy, I felt the vibration…he had ‘let one go’. Luckily, we both started laughing and it was the beginning of a magical relationship.

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