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First Date Hacks We Should All Know

James Brown
There’s nothing quite like a first date; the honesty, the vulnerability, the blend of excitement and nervousness while getting ready in the hours before

There’s nothing quite like a first date; the honesty, the vulnerability, the blend of excitement and nervousness while getting ready in the hours before. For some, the words ‘first date’ lead to anxiety and unbelievable amounts of sweating. For this group, and for everybody, we have some hacks that will help!

Pay Attention to Body Language

Did you know that humans adapt to one another’s body language? Did you know that we can subconsciously reflect the body language of those close to us? If your date is sitting with crossed arms, this is a suggestion that you’re a little closed off too and this isn’t allowing for a real connection. If they’re leaning in with interest, copy them and see what effect this has.

First Date Hacks We Should All Know

This is called the ‘mirror effect’ and it’s one that successful daters know well. As you become familiar, this leads to attraction and, hopefully, future dates.

Pick Up on Similarities

When dating, you want to be like your potential partner, not the SAME. For most people, learning of similarities is one of the most exciting aspects of early dating. As soon as you criticize what they like or pretend to like things just to match, this is where it goes downhill because you aren’t being genuine.

Choose an Activity

First dates make two individuals nervous enough as it is, so don’t make it more awkward by staring at one another in a restaurant. Instead, do something exciting. Here’s some ideas for a first date;

  • Ice skating
  • Rock climbing
  • Bowling
  • Karaoke
  • Mini golf

Not only will this allow you to relax, it’s also more likely to keep the date going for longer. You break the ice with an activity, and the night can go wherever you want it to go.

Arrive Late (Getting Out of a Date)

What if you’re dreading the date because you genuinely don’t want to meet up with the person? In our experience, it’s best to arrive over 15 minutes late. If the other individual is forgiving and forgets about the mishap, keep reading.

Don’t Engage Without Wanting to Go Further

If you aren’t interested in the individual, don’t lead them on or just go out for free food. Instead, don’t engage when they get flirty and stick to jovial topics. We aren’t saying you should be rude, but don’t give them any ideas that the date will go any further. Not all dates go well, so this is a great tip for walking away as friends without offending them too much. To end a bad date, you can also;

  • Bring out a red flag
  • Only pay for your meal
  • Set up a backup plan to get away (last resort!)

Flatter Them Confidently

Finally, you’ve probably read that you need to flatter your date. However, flattery without confidence is no good for anybody. Rather than just telling somebody that they’re funny, say that ‘I like humor in a girl/guy’. This way, you’re showing your interest while making them smile with a compliment.


If we may part with a bonus tip, don’t forget to enjoy the moment. It’s all too easy to be so worried about making a great impression that we forget about just connecting with our date. Think as though you’re meeting a friend and you’ll be fine.

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